Payday Loans Toronto

If you need fast cash in Toronto, you may consider applying for a payday loan from Cash Depot. We offer cash advance loans, which are short-term loans designed to help you navigate any financial difficulties until your next paycheck arrives.


Our loans are convenient since they have very minimal credit requirements and are processed within a few hours. To fully benefit from our loans, it’s essential you fully understand how online payday loans in Toronto work.

The legality of Payday Loans in Toronto

Lenders in Toronto are legally allowed to offer cash advance loans to clients. The law protects both payday loan lenders and borrowers. There is specific legislation governing the issuance of payday loans in each province. In Ontario, all clients taking payday loans are protected by the Payday Loans Act, 2018.

Our team ensures that all our clients adhere to the regulations of the Ontario Payday Loans Act, 2018. Our providers must meet the standards set by the Office of Consumer Protection. We provide instant approval to compliant applicants.

Cash Depot Payday Loan Application Process

Our loan application process is straightforward, and in just three steps, you have your loan deposited in your bank account. Generally, our cash advance loans applicants are expected to show proof of the following:

  • A regular source of income or employment for a minimum of six months;
  • A bank account, which has been operating for a minimum of three months;
  • Permanent address, having lived at that address for a minimum of six months;
  • Ability to be paid by cheque or direct deposit;
  • Not to be bankrupt or be in any financial situation that will garnish your pay
Before applying for our cash advance loans, you must have the following documents ready:

  • Two most recent pay stubs;
  • Two photo IDs;
  • Utility Bill (to show proof of address);
  • Proof of your SIN;
  • Bank statements for the last three months;
  • Pre-authorized debit form or Void cheque.
Our team of experts will use these documents to determine:

  • Whether your current salary meets our loan application criteria;
  • If your past financial situation will interfere with your loan repayment capabilities;
  • If your bank account has an excessive amount of charges related to insufficient funds.
We’ll accept your loan application if you meet the above criteria and will immediately send you a contract. After you’ve signed and returned the contract, we’ll send the online payday loans to your bank account. Our clients can also receive their loans in the form of a cheque if they prefer it over a direct deposit. Any transaction done on our website is legal, just like any transaction done at our offices.

When applying for cash advance loans in Toronto, we’ll ask you to fill an online loan application form. The Cash Depot team will use the application form to determine your eligibility for the payday loans in Toronto you’re applying for. Our cash advance ranges between $300 and $3000. We only accept loan applicants who receive their pay via Direct Deposit.

Cash Depot Repayment Process

After receiving the cash advance loans in Toronto, get ready for the next repayment date. At Cash Depot, we use reliable loan collection methods compliant with the Canadian legal requirements. Our agents are available to assist you in case you face any difficulty when repaying your emergency payday loans.

The payment terms are stated in the payday loans in Toronto contract. Any missed loan repayment will attract interest on the unpaid loan balance. You will also be responsible for all the legal fees charged when recovering a delayed payday loan repayment. We encourage our clients to respect the repayment schedules, thereby benefiting from excellent service during future renewals.

Payday Loan Contract

Reading your payday loan contract is essential. Get clarification from our team on anything you don’t fully understand. If you still have any concerns, you can get in touch with the Ontario Consumer protection office. We’re committed to guiding you through the whole cash advance loans in Toronto application process, offering you professional advice and support at all times.

Your payday loan contract will also include:

  • The payday loan costs;
  • The interest rate and fees;
  • The due date.

Online Payday Loans Toronto

Also, beware of online sites claiming to be payday loans Toronto brokers; some collect information and sell it to potential payday loans lenders. We don’t have any partnerships with these online sites, and they are not permitted to conduct any transaction on our behalf. You can access all our services at our legal website or you can visit our office located at

6000 Cote des Neiges, Suite 370
Montreal, QC

When applying for any online cash advance loans in Toronto, make sure the lender is licensed.

Why Come To Cash Depot

There are many lenders in Canada offering payday loans in Toronto, but every borrower wants the best lender. At Cash Depot, we stand out as one of the leading lenders of cash advance loans in Toronto.

What are the benefits of getting your online payday loans in Toronto from Cash Depot?

  • We offer fast loan application and approval processes. Within 24 hours, we will have your loan deposited into your bank account;
  • We don’t carry out credit checks or include upfront costs in your loan;
  • We have a team of experienced brokers who offer professional assistance and advice, best tailored to your financial situation and needs;
  • Our clients have access to an extensive network of licensed lenders;
  • Our loan application process is confidential, offering maximum security and safety to client’s information and data.

Trust us!

Come to Cash Depot and get your payday loans in Toronto in three simple steps. Our credit requirements are lenient and can be easily met. Our clients enjoy a wide range of financial products which come with very affordable interest rates. We have an experienced team of brokers available at all times, offering professional support and advice to all our potential and existing clients. Most importantly, we follow the Ontario Payday Loans Act, 2018, in all our operations.

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