Online Loans Canada

Loans are useful tools that help many Canadians through difficult and unexpected situations. Sometimes, applying for a loan in person can take too long and just isn’t practical. That’s where online loans Canada come in, providing fast financial assistance from the comfort of your home.

Who is Cash Depot?

Cash Depot is an online financial services provider that offers a variety of short-term instant loans. With over 12 years of experience, we have become a leading financial institution in Québec.

Our goal is to provide you with fast and easy access to loans to get you out of debt. Our innovative online lending system aims to simplify the process down to just a few steps.

How Do Online Loans from Cash Depot Work?

Unlike regular loans, our online loans Canada require few documents and no credit checks. This makes the approval process a breeze, and you can expect to receive your funds within 24 hours. All you have to do is complete our online form and fax in the required information.

Thanks to our unique online lending system, you can apply for our loans in just three simple steps:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Sign the loan contract
  3. Receive your funds

Qualifying for a Loan

To make cash advances accessible for everyone, we’ve cut down on our qualifying requirements. We ask for only basic employment information to ensure that you’re able to repay the loan.

One of our most useful features is that our online loans Canada don’t need credit checks. Sometimes you can’t afford to wait weeks for approval, and past mistakes aren’t a reliable risk indicator. Instead of credit checks, we accept your salary statements as proof that you can pay back the loan.

Our requirements include:

  • Have a valid chequing account for three months or more;
  • Be employed full-time for six months or more;
  • Have the same residential address for six months or more;
  • Receive your income by cheque or direct deposit;
  • Not be involved in bankruptcy or have payment garnishes.

Applying for a Loan

Now that you know that you qualify for a loan, you can begin the application process. We offer flexible amounts from $300 to $3,000. All required information can be easily entered into our online form before you receive the contract to sign.

The documents you’ll need to fax in include:

  • Two ID photos and your SIN;
  • Utility bill (or any other proof of address);
  • Your two most recent pay stubs;
  • Voided cheque/pre-authorized debit form;
  • Bank statement covering the last 90 days.

You can receive your loan on the same day by completing your application before 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Later applications will be processed and paid out within 24 hours.

Repaying a Loan

We offer up to six months for repayments in monthly installments or a single lump sum. Our interest rate is 18%, and you must repay your previous loan before applying for a new one.

Any refused payment by your bank, such as for insufficient funds, will cost $40. If you need to delay a payment, contact us at least 48 hours in advance for an extension. This also costs $40 and won’t affect your credit score with us.

What Services Do We Offer?

We’ve all had to deal with urgent payments at some point. When you can’t rely on the bank, our online loans Canada provide instant financial relief. We have a variety of cash advancement types to choose from.

Payday Loans

These are designed to help you pay off unexpected expenses every month. We offer up to $1,500 instantly, and you only need to make your first repayment when receiving your next paycheque. Learn more about our Payday Loans Alberta, Payday Loans Manitoba and E-Transfer Payday Loans Canada.

Bad Credit Loans

A credit score approaching 300 can see financial institutions deny your loan request. When this happens, our bad credit loans can still assist as we only require proof of employment and residence.

Credit Consolidation

This flexible debt solution offers a single loan to settle multiple payments. You still have only one monthly repayment, and it doesn’t affect your credit score.


Cash Depot aims to provide instant access to loans for those that urgently need them. Our online loans Canada funding can get you out of unexpected situations when no one else will help you.
Our cash advancements are delivered within 24 hours and are not affected by your credit score. If you can’t get a bank loan, our online application process provides fast financial support. From bad credit loans to credit consolidation, we offer solutions for everyone.

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