About Us


Who are we?

Like you, we’re real people with real worries. We’ve encountered the same difficulties that you’re experiencing today. Paying bills, late penalties, and urgent expenses aren’t always easy. We know that feeling of disappointment when every door is closed to us. That’s why, 12 years ago, we started out in the financial lending sector. Our only goal is to help people like you receive financial assistance when they need it. No worries. No complicated processes. No stress.


What we do

Cash Depot offers cash advances, payday loans, no credit check loans, debt consolidation service, and bad credit loans. All our compliant applications are approved instantly. We can also help you rebuild your credit in total security thanks to secured credit cards. We only work with providers who meet the standards of the Office of Consumer Protection. All our loans are 100% guaranteed and secured. We never charge any up-front fees, and we never will.

Our mission

We want to help people put an end to their debts. We offer fast and easy short-term loans. Our goal is to become the leading provider of cash advances in Canada.

How do we get there? By simplifying the process of obtaining a loan. Our process is fast and simple, and it allows borrowers to submit an application in just a few minutes and be approved immediately.

Our vision

We offer innovative and revolutionary money lending services. We’re constantly adapting—to market demands and to the needs of our clients. Our processes are simple, efficient, and cutting-edge.

Our values

Ethics. Respect. Equity.


Cash advance
Get $300 to $1500 in under 24 hours.

Fast money loan
Pay your bills and urgent expenses in the blink of an eye.

Rebuild your credit
A good credit rating can help you save money

No credit check loans
Don’t let your past undermine your present

Debt consolidation
Pay off all your debts with a single loan

Bad credit loans
Let us help you when the others have rejected you

Get your Loan now! What are you waiting for?