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A short-term loan, whatever your situation!

3 fast and easy steps to get your money


Send us your information

Complete your online application. Your information is sent directly to our associates, who approve the loan.


Return the contract

Receive the contract. Sign it. Return it to us.


Receive your funds

Receive the funds in your bank account


We have loan and cash advance brokers who work on your behalf so that you don’t have to.


Receive your funds in under 24 hours. We won’t make you wait!

Repayment examples

Option A: Pay the weekly minimum finance fee of $60 on your payday. Should your payday be bi-weekly the fee would be $120.

Option B: Pay the weekly minimum finance fee and an additional amount to decrease your capital (Ex. weekly finance fee of $60 and $100 capital would be a payment of $160).

Option C: Pay the total Principal & Minimum finance fee to close the account. (Ex. $60 + $500 loan for an amount of $560 for 1 week).

Repayment term

This is not an installment loan. The loan is due on your next pay day

Finance fee

Lending fee is $12 per every $100 per week of capital owed. (Broker fee & Interests combined).

Loan renewal

Renewing your loan does not happen automatically, you need to request it.

A lending formula tailored to each situation

Online Cash Advance – File your application online. Receive the funds within 24 hours. No lines. No delays.

Fast money loan – Urgent expense? Get a loan in the blink of an eye.

Rebuild you credit – Restore your credit rating with a secured credit card

No credit check loan – Don’t let your financial history affect your present

Deby consolidation – Pay off your debts with a single monthly loan

Bad credit loan – Borrow money to pay your bills and avoid penalties, even with a bad credit rating