Instant Loan with No Refusal

Are you looking for a lender for an instant loan with no refusal? At Cash Depot, we can grant you a loan quickly without performing a credit check. We don’t need to know your credit report because we rely on your current income and your ability to repay the loan. You just have to fill out an online application, and if you meet our eligibility criteria, the loan will automatically be granted. It’s as simple as that.

Why should you rely on a loan from Cash Depot?

If you have common payments such as bills, unexpected expenses, or an emergency and your pay has not yet been deposited into your account, applying for a short-term fast cash loan is an accessible solution.

You may have other valid reasons to apply for an instant loan with no refusal from Cash Depot. For example, if you’ve had fees for a bounced cheque that have thrown off the payment of your monthly bills, if you have mechanical problems with your car, or if you need to take an unpaid week off for a bad flu…. Whatever the reason, we’ll be there to help you out!

What is the amount of the instant loan with no refusal?

Depending on your needs, it will be possible to receive a cash advance ranging from $300 to $1,500, which will be accessible to you from your first loan with us. If you complete your application online before 11 am (Eastern time), you should receive the amount of your instant loan with no refusal in your bank account the same day. If you submit your application after 11 am, the funds may take up to 24 hours to be deposited.

Financing fees and repayment options

The weekly lending fees are $12 for every $100 of principal due (brokerage fees and interest combined). You have 3 repayment options:

  • You pay the minimum weekly financing fees on your payday;
  • You pay the minimum weekly financing fees, plus an amount to reduce your principal;
  • You pay the full principal and the minimum financing fees to close the account.

The advantages of doing business with Cash Depot

There are many advantages to applying for an instant loan with no refusal from Cash Depot. Unlike banks, which will want to meet you, check your credit history, and take 15 days to process your loan application, you can receive the funds the same day you apply with Cash Depot. Your information is processed in a strictly confidential manner. Finally, there are no up-front fees to be paid and no credit check is performed.

Get your cash advance today!

Receive your instant loan with no refusal today by filling out an online application. For any application submitted during our business hours—that is, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (Eastern time)—a Cash Depot agent will contact you within an hour of receiving your application.

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