Get installment loans in Alberta

If you are located in Alberta and you are in need of a quick cash infusion into your budget, Cash Depot is the right partner for you. You can apply for installment loans in Alberta to assist you with your temporary financial needs.

If there is an unexpected expense such as car or home repairs, an outstanding bill, a minimum payment on a credit card, we will help you get the funds you need within a few hours. 


1. High loan limit
2. Fast, safe and confidential service

Why Choose Cash Depot to get Installment Loans in Canada?

At Cash Depot, we have more than 12 years of experience in the lending sector or business. We will help you receive a quick financial help to assist you with your needs. Our team of lending experts is ready to process your application and have the funds deposited in your bank account within a few hours.

If you need installment loans in Alberta because of emergency expense, Cash Depot is the right place for you.


Installment Loans in Alberta useful in many emergency situations

Traditional lenders, such as banks, can take up to two weeks to approve your loan application. Sometimes, you need quick cash and cannot wait for two weeks. They conduct credit checks and require a long list of documents. No such thing with Cash Depot. Go on our website and apply today for installment loans in Alberta with your mobile phone and get peace of mind.


Flexible repayments terms

At Cash Depot, we offer regular installment plans and low fees. It makes it easier for people to repay, and the installment loans in Alberta are perfect for a situation requiring a small cash infusion. Contact us today when you want to apply for instalment loans in Canada, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What Are Installment Loans in Alberta?

Installment loans are short-term loans, similar to cash advances, that you must repay in regular installments. The amount for those loans is between $300 to $3,000. We are here to understand the situation of our customers and find the right solution for you. If you are looking for quick cash to cover unexpected expenses, then installment loans in Alberta are the way to go at good rate.

Requirements to get installment loans in Alberta

At Cash Depot, our process relies mainly on the income you receive from your employer. Our financial support is flexible without credit check. We qualify you based on the regular income you receive regularly. We do not do any credit checks, therefore, we mainly want to make sure you have:

  • An operational checking account for the past 3 months at least
  • A full time job for the past 6 months at least
  • Been living at the same address for the past 6 months
  • Been receiving your paycheck directly into your bank account
  • Not been on any bankruptcy, consumer proposal or wage garnishment

How to be sure you can apply for online installments loans in Alberta?

We also want to make sure you have the financial capacity to fully repay your loan we will be granting you. For the financial situation there are a few factors you will need to verify, such as:

  • Make sure your regular salary is sufficient to make the regular payments required
  • Make sure your bank account isn’t suffering from any past missed payments
  • See if you have any other financial obligation that might impact the loan payments, we will require

The documents you need to apply for installment loans in Alberta

To get qualified for installment loans in Alberta, you only need to fill out our online application form available on our website. We will ask you to provide certain personal and professional details, such as:

  • Two pieces of ID with a picture and proof of your Social Insurance Number
  • Proof you have been staying at the same address through a bill or lease under your name
  • The most recent pay stubs from your employer
  • A pre-authorized debit form to get your banking information
  • Your bank statements of the last 3 months

For all your needs in installment loans in Alberta, go to our website and apply today. We are here to help you with your case, and we will do so quickly and efficiently. Getting installment loans can even help you to improve your credit score.

Get your extra money within 24 hours

At Cash Depot, our approval process for any application is fast, efficient and confidential. To fulfil that promise, any application we receive before 11am Eastern Standard Time, is processed the same day, and you will receive the funds the same day. If you apply after 11am, you will get the funds deposited in your account within 24 hours, so you can go on with your life. 

For your needs in installment loans in Alberta, contact Cash Depot today or apply directly on our website.

Advantages of applying for an installment loan with Cash Depot

  • Direct Deposit on your bank account
  • Easy loan application process
  • Ability to apply with a bad credit score and bad credit history
  • Unsecured loans
  • High chances of approval
  • Online loan application
  • Easier to get than with traditional financial institutions

What Are the Repayment Conditions for installment Loans in Alberta?

The main condition is to make regular payments both parties will have to agree on, and those conditions will be outlined in the contract.

The payments will be taken directly from your account, which makes the repayment process easy. You can apply for a loan with bad credit. Your ability to get a loan will not depend on your credit history. If you are looking for installment loans in Alberta, apply today online.


Are there fees when I wait to pay back my installment loan?

With installment loans in Alberta, there are weekly fees of $12 per $100 borrowed. That way, you can easily calculate the total cost of a loan beforehand. There are three repayment options we offer for those short term loans:

  • Paying the minimum payment every payday along with weekly interest
  • Paying the minimum payment every payday and add a lump sum to decrease the full loan amount
  • Paying back the full amount of the loan along with the minimum fees

Contact our online payday lenders when you have questions

about missed payments

We are here to help. So, if for some reason, you are unable to make the minimum on its due date, you can call our collection agents 48 hours before to explain the situation directly to them. 

They will help you reschedule the payment, and they will move the amount owed to the end of your contract. Please be aware that missed installments will accumulate interest with time.

No consequences on your credit score

In the event your bank refuses to honor the payment because of insufficient funds, we will charge you a $40 fee on our side. For every delayed installment payments, the fee will be applied, but it won’t have any impact on your credit score.

Every loan, paid in full and in time, assures that you will get faster service with Cash Depot in the future. If you want to understand better your credit score, you can check up here.

Get installment loans in Alberta today

If you are looking to cover unexpected expenses, Cash Depot will provide you with installment loans in Alberta. Send us your payday loan application by applying online and then send us the required documents. We will take care of the rest in a fast and efficient manner. The loans we offer aren’t high, and we also offer flexibility when it comes to regular repayments.

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